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Dr. 弗朗西斯·K. Achampong, 宾州州立大学蒙阿尔托分校 Chancellor

Welcome to 宾州州立大学蒙阿尔托分校’s web site. I appreciate your interest in our campus.

在宾州州立大学蒙奥图分校, our students get the best of both worlds – they get a world-class, brand-name education on a small, 安全, 培育校园. We have small class sizes and our faculty are teacher-scholars who are experts in their fields. We also offer excellent student support services, 充满活力的欧博体育官网, engaging out-of-class activities, and opportunities for student leadership development.

A 2011 《欧博官网app下载》 survey of employers shows employers prefer to hire Penn State graduates because employers said they are bright, well-rounded graduates who possess the competencies they are looking for.

Many families are worried whether they can afford to send their children to college and some are even questioning whether a college education is a worthwhile investment despite evidence that most good jobs in America are held by college graduates. College graduates also earn significantly more over a lifetime than high-school graduates and are less susceptible to losing their jobs during recessions. A college education is, therefore, one of the most important investments you will ever make.

在宾州州立大学蒙奥图分校, we are committed to making a Penn State education accessible and affordable. While we cannot make any guarantee receipt of awards and scholarships, students who meet certain criteria will automatically be considered for one or a combination of many awards and scholarships.

的 Provost Award is dedicated to 宾西法尼亚 residents and ranges between $5,000 (for freshmen and sophomores) 和7美元,000 (for junors and seniors). Students from Pittsburgh with a Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship will also be given a $1,000 housing award per semester. 的 Chancellor Award ranges between $1,000元及6元,000 with a preference for high-achieving, first-year students who are the first in their families to attend college.

的 Discover Penn State Award is for out-of-state students from DC, DE, MD, OH. 新泽西州,纽约州,弗吉尼亚州和西弗吉尼亚州. 的y may be considered for an award of $6,000 in their freshman and sophomore years, 和7美元,000 in their junior and senior years. Students who transfer from a community college to 宾州州立大学蒙阿尔托分校 for their junior year may be considered for an award of $6,500 a year for three years to help them earn a bachelor’s degree. High-achieving students with multiple college options may be considered for a Yield Enhancement Award to help make a 宾州州立大学蒙阿尔托分校 education more attractive.  

宾州州立大学蒙阿尔托分校 has many scholarship endowments funded by generous donors. Donors specify whether they want these funds to go to students enrolled in a designated major or from a designated county. 的 campus awarded scholarships totaling $553,178 to 335 students from these endowments in 2018.

宾州州立大学蒙阿尔托分校 also has a Hardship Fund that may offer general assistance up to $500 to students facing financial hardships that might interfere with their education. 的 Complete Penn State Scholarship helps students with 90 credits or more, who have walked away from their studies for financial reasons, come back and complete their degrees.

欧博官网app下载 宾州州立大学蒙阿尔托分校’s efforts to make a Penn State education accessible and affordable 可以在网上找到. Our Office of 金融援助 will be happy to share more information with you and answer your questions about 宾州州立大学蒙阿尔托分校’s awards and scholarships and financial aid in general.

Penn State recognizes that families may need more information about managing money and paying for college. 的refore, the University offers free financial literacy resources to parents and families through the Sokolov-Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center.

Thank you once again for visiting our website. We would be delighted to see you in person on our beautiful campus. 我邀请你 schedule a visit with our Office of 招生. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you discover more about what makes 宾州州立大学蒙阿尔托分校 such a special place.


弗朗西斯·K. Achampong
宾州州立大学蒙阿尔托分校 Chancellor


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